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Game Of Thrones Windows Theme is a desktop theme for your Microsoft operating system and includes no less than 70 hi-res images from the hit HBO TV series. In this collection you'll find some of the show's most unforgettable moments, as well as beautiful landscapes you'll recognize from the series.

King's Landing, the insignias of the different houses of Westeros, Nedd Stark himself seated on the Iron Throne... The package include a good selection of images that any fan will recognize instantly.

Game of Thrones Windows Theme doesn't include custom sounds like the Windows startup theme tune (which would have been very cool), but it does have special icons that you can use to substitute the traditional Windows ones.

Game Of Thrones Windows Theme is a desktop theme for Windows that will be ideal for lovers of George R.R. Martin's novels or the TV series based on them. Inside it you'll find loads of exclusive images from the blockbuster series from HBO.
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